What is Katie's rate per hour?

Katie's rate is $250 / hr *. (effective for any projects started on or after August 1, 2018)

$250/hr for the first 4 hours, $200/hr any hour after that to a max of 6hrs/day. Work-in-progress (WIP) sessions can be booked up to 6 hours a day. Subject to change without prior notice. A non-refundable PayPal deposit of $250 is required for every booking. This comes off the price at the end of the tattoo.

Also please note, her private studio is a CASH ONLY Shop.


How do I cancel my appointment?
Due to the nature on how high in-demand Katie is, cancelling an appointment is a 2-step process. The client has to initiate it, we reply, and then its supposed to be confirmed by the client. Please let us know ASAP if you cannot make your appointment so we can reschedule you. A minimum of 3 business days is required for any changes. Deposits are also non-refundable - this is to ensure that the clients are committed to the appointment.


How does booking work?
When Katie is ready to take on new work, a specific date and time will be announced on her Instagram. On this day, a link to an online form that needs to be filled out for all tattoo submissions will be provided. Selected entries are then contacted via email and are sent another link which allows them to book their appointments online with a deposit. Katie has a limited amount of appointments available during a time period, so must choose the pieces she feels are best suited to her style of tattooing. Not all submissions will be guaranteed an appointment. If you have any questions, please email us at

Can I see my drawing before my appointment?
Katie does not do drawing viewing prior to tattoo appointments, in person or via email. There’s time for minor changes and adjustments the day of your first appointment.


How long is a session?
For the the first appointment, Katie tattoos up to 6 hours max. Any followup appointments thereafter can be booked in for up to 6 hours as well.


Can I be put on a wait list / cancellation list?
We unfortunately no longer have a wait list or cancellation list. Any changes will be announced via the NEWS section of the website or Katie's instagram.


Do you travel? When will you be in (town/city/country)?
Yes. All of Katie's travel dates will be announced on her Instagram page.


Can I get tattooed if I am sick, taking antibiotics or pregnant?
Tattooing strains the body’s immune system, so if you are sick when the day of your appointment arrives, it is best to reschedule it. 

Katie does not tattoo anyone currently taking antibiotics, pregnant or breastfeeding; please reschedule if you have an upcoming appointment coming up.


I didn’t receive a response to the email I sent regarding booking a tattoo.
If you emailed within the 24-hour window when Katie's books were open and didn’t receive a response, don’t be discouraged. She books in 3-month intervals and has a limited amount of appointments available during this time period, so must choose the pieces she feels are best suited to her style of tattooing. If you didn’t receive an appointment the first time, please feel free to try again during the next round of bookings.


Do you do drawings that I can have tattooed by another artist if I live out of town? No. All of Katie's drawings are custom drawn specifically for tattoos that she will be doing.


Do you do commissioned pieces? 
At this point in time, Katie's schedule doesn’t permit her to take on any commissioned works. Should anything change she will announce via the website or her Instagram page.


Do you sell prints of any of your drawings?
Unless otherwise stated, Katie does not sell prints of her drawings.


Do you do cover-ups?
Depending on the piece, yes. Katie requires an in-person consultation for potential cover-up appointments, and there is not guarantee she will be able to accommodate what you are hoping to do. There are a lot of factors that come in to play in covering up an existing tattoo (age of the tattoo, what colours of ink were used and how dark the tattoo is, possible scarring, size) and her style of tattooing doesn’t always lend itself to cover ups.


Can you tattoo over scars?
Most often, yes. She requires and in-person consult for potential scar cover-up appointments to assess the area to be tattooed.


Do you tattoo hands/necks/fingers?
Yes, as long as you already have a significant number of visible tattoos (full sleeve/chest piece).


How do touchups work?
We will need your tattoo to heal for 8 weeks after getting tattooed before Katie can do a touchup.


How old do I have to be to get tattooed by you? If I’m 17, can I get tattooed with the consent of a guardian?
The minimum age for getting a tattoo is 18 years old.


Can I drink alcohol before or after getting tattooed?
It is best to avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before and 24 hours after your tattoo appointment. Alcohol thins the blood and can therefore affect the healing process; especially in excess, this may lead to scabbing, prolonged healing, and colour loss.


Can I go to the gym/work out with my fresh tattoo?
It is best to give your new tattoo at least a week before participating in any activity that causes heavy perspiration, as pulling and twisting the surrounding skin or allowing sweat to sit on the fresh tattoo can negatively impact the healing process.