• How booking works: Thanks to my incredible community, I’ve been able to keep very busy! When I have space to take on new clients and new work, a specific date and time will be announced on my Instagram, @kshocs. A link to an online form will be posted for submissions—this is the best/only way to submit new ideas to me to make sure none get missed! When I’ve selected the chosen entries, they’ll be contacted via email and sent a link that will allow them to book their first appointments online and secure them with a ($250) deposit. As much as I wish I could fit everyone in, I have a limited amount of appointments available during my open time periods. Please know I read every submission and, in order to have the happiest clients, I choose the pieces I feel are best suited to my style of tattooing. Sadly, not all submissions will be guaranteed an appointment. If you have any questions, please email me at

  • A non-refundable PayPal or e-transfer deposit of $250 is required for all bookings. Just so I know you’re as committed to your piece and idea as I am! This comes off the price of your last session when your piece is done :)

  • Any follow-up appointments needed to complete your piece can be booked via email and these do not require additional deposits. Please contact me at to schedule appointments for works in progress.

  • Touch-ups are complimentary (30 minutes max) for 6 months following the completion of your tattoo. Anything over 30 minutes will be charged at my current hourly rate.

  • Cancellations: Due to how many of you wonderful people want to wear my art, cancelling an appointment is a 3-step process. You (the client) has to initiate it, I reply, and then I need confirmation from you of the cancellation. Please let me know ASAP if you cannot make your appointment so I can reschedule you. A minimum of 3 business days is required for any changes as I start drawing and planning pieces in order of my upcoming appointments. (And remember: deposits aren’t refundable!)

  • All tattoo work is custom drawn for each client. I don’t do drawing viewings ahead of time (in person or over email). But don’t worry! There is always time for minor changes the day of your appointment. (Oh, while we’re on it, as my art is drawn once for a specific client, please refrain from reproducing my designs in your own pieces—though that’s very flattering. But feel free to use them as inspiration!)

  • If you have a Hotmail account I would recommend providing an alternate email address, as those addresses are notorious for filtering out my emails to my clients. Please always check your spam & junk folders too and/or add us to your 'Safe Sender' list. I don’t want you to miss anything!