• Please make sure you are well rested, hydrated, and have eaten at least 3 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Katie's private studio is a CASH ONLY shop.
  • A non-refundable PayPal or E-transfer deposit of $200 is required prior to booking. This comes off the price at your last session.


  • Keep your tattoo bandaged for a minimum of 4 hours, maximum of 12 (overnight, if your appointment finishes in the evening)
  • Take off the bandage and wash your tattoo well with plain, unscented soap and warm water. Rinse it well and repeat if necessary. This is the most important part of the aftercare process - you want to make sure all the slimy “goo” is rinsed off your tattoo (blood, plasma, ink, leftover ointment) in order to ensure your tattoo doesn’t scab.
  • Pat your tattoo dry and leave it alone - keep it clean, dry, and out of the sun throughout the healing period (1-2 weeks)
  • If your tattoo starts feeling tight and dry around the third day, you can use a small amount of plain, unscented lotion two-three times a day to moisturize your tattoo and the surrounding skin. It is very common to use too much moisturizer - if you need to moisturize, do so sparingly.
  • Your tattoo will flake and peel, and may feel itchy. Do not pick it or scratch it.
  • Once your tattoo is fully healed, make sure to use sunscreen to protect the colour from fading due to UV exposure.
  • For pieces that are works in progress, you need to leave a minimum of 3 weeks between appointments to allow for healing.